Saturday, 25 July 2015

I grovelled...

Mom landed in hospital... no, wait... I can do a better intro.

So I lost April, May & June - do you know why? Mom landed in hospital... gasp!
Hmmm... One more try, ok?

(clears throat)
My mobile buzzed like crazy. I felt a cold tinge of strangeness in the air.
A quiet darkness swirled in my anxious head.  The voice spoke.
Mom landed in hospital. I hung up.

Not bad, huh?

No, I DIDN’T hang up – sheesh! Of course I got the ward details & immediately rushed down with hubby to see her.

Fast forward to now and all her tests results are okay - Thank you, God!

She’s fine. My mommy’s alright again.

I’m shuttling between her place and mine more often now, but in the 3 months mentioned,  I had hardly any time or strength to pick up a wok, so it’ll just be ‘Angel Laughs’ for now till I get cooking proper, people.

It’s not easy to just pick up from where I last cooked. It’s 3 months not 3 weeks, mind you!

I’ll probably start with something simple like fried taugay (bean sprouts), fried fish and something that was around for donkey decades that I just discovered at food courts due to my zero cooking.

Pork Ribs, Lotus Root and Peanuts Soup, right next to my hot rice & light soy sauce dip, infused with bird’s eye chillies, makes me a happy food blogger. Wholesome goodness & the dip brings home the zing! in my meal. The soup is a rich brown with glistening slices of lotus root, that winks temptingly at me. I usually succumb nowadays.

Let’s see, what else did I stumble upon? Oh ya, MOS Burger’s Kakiage Rice Burger!

This one you must try! I know it may look strange-ish, but believe me it’s like chowing down on wok-fried zhi char* with chewy rice. The flavor pops and at first bite, you immediately wonder why you never ordered it before, like I did. Scallop, prawn & asparagus never had it so GOOD!

It comes piping, finger-stinging hot so it’s best to let it cool down a bit or your tongue can’t taste anything, but ouch!

Ok, one more thing I discovered and it’s not food. It’s mom.

I rediscovered that my mom can still affect me when she does that one thing. It’s something  others also do that never comes close to affecting me.

First of all, you know those moms who don’t ever complain no matter how sick they are? My mom’s not like that. She bites.

It’s not surprising I broke down tired & quarrel-weary many times in my dutiful attempts to make her recovery as comfortable as I could. Together with my sister, we struggled to understand why she didn’t want to stick to her new & heavily restricted diet, and why the heck’s she snapping at us for? We’re not the ones who said no salt, lowest sugar and just 1 litre of water per day. Oh ya, don’t forget cholesterol is a no-no, too. Did I mention we also had to get her moving around and exercise to smoothly slide pass constipation?

Amidst all these argument-filled afternoons & bargaining nights, she just needed to do one thing that immediately got me silent & sorry. Cry.

I grovelled like a starving beggar asking for a crumb of forgiveness. Sorry I yelled. Sorry I was slow. Sorry I was asleep. Sorry I made you cry, again.

Just one teardrop quietly flowing down her cheek and I swear I could hear a crack in my heart so loud, I once cried along with her.

The sadness didn’t last long though. She straightened up, looked at me and exclaimed,”Aiyah! Why you so silly to cry? How are you going to take care of me like that? Come, come we have some kueh** and forget all about this. Silly girl!”

Yup, that’s my darling mom and I’ll bet it’s the same with yours. Lucky us.

*  zhi char is restaurant style cooking found in Singapore’s coffeeshops.
**kueh refers to Nyonya kueh. C’mon, just google it.