Saturday, 6 December 2014

Happened to me Twice!

Let’s just chat today.

So how much do you know about Roasting, Toasting food? Ya know, something like a barbeque party by the beach, cool breezy evening with light calypso music and soft lighting, that sorta thing.

You’ve never had anything get charred? Oh lucky you! You are in for a treat when that happens! Especially when your guests start to arrive and first thing they ask is “What’s that smell? Is everything okay?”

Honestly, that only happened to me twice – simply because I held a BBQ just the two times in my life. I fell asleep waiting for the meat to cook and I burned all 25 of the chicken wings I was in charge of grilling. There’s something about how you have to keep it on a low heat to make sure it turns out nice & juicy, that is so yawning. It’s like watching a boring movie to me, I guess.

On the other hand, lots of people love firing up their barbeques with great enthusiasm, especially in America. I salute this passion.

I seriously think meat gets a better deal when grilled in the US. The care involved & special/secret marinades means juicy foods fly hot off the grill with a smile and a friendly ‘Peace’ finger sign. I’m pretty sure the marinated chops & steaks just flip themselves over when they’re ready.

Meanwhile in Singapore, I’ve attended too many East Coast Park birthday picnics and condo-warming pool parties that failed miserably on the barbie (including my own). Is it possible to transform fresh & perfectly marinated chicken wings into dry, tough, salty meat? Yes, in Singapore, you can!

Worst thing is, East Coast Park being by the beach means the sea air, which makes me hungry, which means I am ravenous by the time I reach the barbecue pit & having to smile when you’re starving is just using up too much energy, but I do it because I so wanna EAT! and I end up eating... brined leather?

To counter this, I’ve taken to secretly having pre-BBQ meals (aka a full dinner, folks) at home or on the way there. Success rate is 100% and I happily enjoy the event with my favorite F & N Ice Cream Soda drink and a slice of the birthday cake.

Another foolproof way is to offer an easy dish as the gift. The host is always happy to hear I’m bringing 10 servings of spaghetti bolognaise - of which plate Number One is mine, of course. From experience, I notice that the rest of it tends to disappear really fast.

I make the sauce & pasta in advance, pack them separately in microwaveable containers, zap them on the way out, mix it up on location & plonk a big helping for myself.

It’s also worked wonders! I met a ‘stranger’ at another party who recognized me & knew my name. I couldn’t recall anything about her at all. She then told me that we never spoke at the busy party back then, but she distinctly remembered me for the delicious spaghetti I made and expressed how she loved it so very, very much. Amazing - my sell-out spaghetti was the highlight for this lady... at a barbecue?! 

Well, you can’t really blame her. She’s much older than me and probably suffered more difficult BBQs than I ever did. I’m just happy to have helped her out & to know that someone other than I had a good time that evening.

If you’re going to a similar party soon, I sincerely wish you fun, laughter & lots of spaghetti waiting for you there. Bye for now!

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: An interesting review will be up next week.
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